What are the Postdoc Committees?

SURPAS currently oversees eight active committees, each focusing on one aspect of postdoc life. Joining a committee is a great way to get involved and contribute to the postdoc community! You can put in as much time as you can to organize social events, develop advocacy strategies, or communicate relevant topics to the broader community.

Any Stanford postdoc can join a committee.

Find an endeavor that feeds your passion!

Promoting the presence of postdocs among non-postdoc communities and providing institutional memory for postdoc leadership
Supporting the needs of existing postdocs with minoritized experiences and taking steps to increase the diversity of the Stanford postdoc population
Improving the lives of postdocs with dependents and making it more possible for postdocs who wish to have children to do so
Making Stanford and the Bay Area more livable for postdocs
Providing social/sports events for Stanford postdocs to meet and get out of the lab
Bringing together a group of postdocs that reflect the diversity of people and their disciplines doing research at the Stanford campus
Providing and publicizing opportunities for Stanford postdocs to teach and communicate science
Recognizing and supporting project proposals from within the Stanford postdoc community in an effort to encourage and enrich postdoc experiences