About Us

The communications committee has two major aspects to its current mission. One, is to promote the presence of postdocs among non-postdoc communities through use of non-targeted media platforms. The other is to provide a resource for institutional memory available to SURPAS and other postdoc organizations that provide lessons from experiences of postdoc leadership.

Articles in “Non-Postdoc” Media

An important aspect of Postdoc advocacy is maintaining a presence among non-postdoc populations. This includes using publications in media that has a varied audience. Starting in 2015, Op-Eds written by postdocs have been contributed to The Stanford Daily, the student-run news source available to the entire Stanford campus. These Op-Eds cover topics relating to the postdoc experience and general perspectives in the context of the rest of the Stanford community.

The White Paper and PostdocLeaders.org

The White Paper: How to Run a Successful Postdoctoral Association was conceived and written by former SURPAS co-chairs as a set of guidelines and best practices for organizing and maintaining an effective volunteer organization. The White Paper discusses three pillars of focus for the organization: Structure, Relate, and Advocate. Using these pillars, the PostdocLeaders.org blog was created in 2015 as a living document describing specific experiences of leaders. The blog is publicly accessible, and postdoc leaders from other organizations are also welcome to contribute.