April 2017

Council Meeting Minutes
Stanford Postdoctoral Association
April 26 2017, 11.30-1:00pm
Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building, G1002

Council members: Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Sharon Greenblum, Saumyaa, Abby Sarkar,
Huy Nguyen, Virginie Gabel, Kate Brown, Arnaud Bruyas, Katharine Grabek, Gina
Bouchard, Perrine Hamel, Roberta Sala, Joanna Przybyl, John Hegarty, Daniel Joyce,
Marc Ferro, Lise Retailleau, Meng-Meng Fu, Bojk Berghuis, Maureece Levin, Chris
Lapointe, Volker Wiebking, Tristan Lerbs, Arsenii Telichko, Sara Bolin, Christian La
Quorum: Yes, 12 council members
(+1 Joanna arrived late and did not participate in the first election but participated
in the 2 nd election- social media chair)
 Meeting called to order by co-chairs, Jesse Isaacman-Beck , Sharon
Candidates for new council members- John Hegarty, Daniel Joyce, Marc Ferro, Lise
Retailleau, Meng-Meng Fu, Bojk Berghuis
Re-election candidate- Saumyaa
Candidate for c-Lib representative position – Gina Bouchard
Co-chairs mentioned that in addition to getting involved in various SURPAS
initiatives, all new council members to be elected should be the eyes and ears and
bring different postdoc opinions and concerns back to council
Roberta asked if there is some specific initiative candidates are passionate about.
Candidate’s responses:
Lise Retailleau - To get in touch with new postdocs, organize meetings/coffee chats.
John Hegarty – He is already involved sports committee and symposium committee
and would to continue to do so.
Marc Ferro – He has been on French association with 300 members. He has
organized activities for them. SURPAS has a bigger reach and their events and
activities are at a larger scale. He wants to make efforts similar to what he did at
French association to target the much bigger audience of SURPAS.
Daniel Joyce- He wants to work towards increasing engagement of more postdocs.
He is also interested in transportation and housing initiatives.
Bojk Berghuis – He is interested in helping with social and sports events, to have a
united front to talk to administration.
Statements from re-election and C-Lib candidates-

Saumyaa – re-election
She has been serving as secretary of SURPAS for about a year. As a member of
leadership team she has participated in many SURPAS initiatives and has helped
organize many SURPAS events. She has served as co-chair of postdoc symposium
Gina Bouchard - c-Lib position
This position was open and she would like to help out being SURPAs representative
for the Libraries
Election Results:
The new council members, re-election of new member and C-LIB rep were elected
unanimously – 12 YES
Candidates for Social Media chair position – Daniel Joyce, Marc Ferro (They have
now been elected to the council and can stand for Social media chair elections)
Statements from Social Media chair position candidates -
Daniel Joyce- He would like to have conversation going and have more people
involved in SURPAS initiatives. He has some leadership experience form his grad
school. He feels organization is more top down and would like to bring more open
Marc Ferro- He would work towards advertising better, work towards building a
postdoc alumni network, have better communication around, keep everyone
connected and engage more new people.
Election Results:
Social media chair election (the newly elected 6 council members participated in
this election + Joanna who arrived late. So total eligible votes for this election are
Daniel Joyce- 12
Marc Ferro-6
1 Abstain
Daniel Joyce was elected as social media chair with a majority vote.

Provost meeting:
There will be a meeting with provost. A committee has been formed consisting of
representatives from SURPAs and other postdocs associations on campus and some
other members of postdoc community. Some preparatory meetings have been
organized before the actual meeting.
Meng-Meng Fu commented that there are a lot of overheads from the grants that we
don’t know where they go to. If every postdoc gets $100 from these overheads- it
will be a lot of money.

Roberta responded that over the past couple of years, issue had been lack of enough
volunteers rather than money to carry out various SURPAS initiatives, programs and
Long Range Planning:
There is also a Long Term Planning initiative by administration. Everyone can
submit ideas on their website. There are 4 diff focus area. There are SURPAS
members on 3 out of 4 of these committees. Roberta is on research committee.
Sharon mentioned that we as an organization will also submit a proposal and we
will have a discussion on that. The web link for long range planning is
Committee updates:
Communication committee: Kate
Have been publishing articles in Stanford Daily about postdocs.
Kate is leaving council.
Housing and Transportation committee: Perrine
Accomplished successful approval of the GoPASS program from University.
Roberta suggested that a proposal can be submitted from housing and
transportation committee for the long range planning initiative.
Perrine is leaving council.
SPIF: Joanna
Committee’s purpose is to review proposals from postdocs for events/ initiatives
and then make a decision to fund them through SURPAS. Joanna will be stepping
down from the SPIF chair position. Someone needs to take over
Sports and Social committee: John
Purpose of social and sports committee is community building and getting people
out of the lab. Events organized by the committee maybe be even more relevant for
international postdocs who may not have their own transportation. Committee is
looking to include other sports/outdoor events in addition to hikes.
People are interested in soccer or other sports events.
Roberta mentioned that SURPAS had organized volleyball tournament before and it
was popular. A previous postdoc had access to volleyball equipment from
biochemistry department. If we have some new council member from biochem
department we can revive volleyball tournaments.
Jesse mentioned that space limitation is also a hurdle in this direction. We could
think of even buying some sports equipment from SURPAS fund, but storing it
somewhere would be a problem.
Bojk suggested that we can potentially have events with rest of the
campus/graduate students- make sports teams, have color runs.

Consensus was that there is a growing interest and willingness in organizing
additional sport events provided we have more volunteers.

Symposium: Saumyaa
SURPAS organized Stanford Postdoc Symposium in Dec last year targeting as
Stanford postdocs. It was well attended. First half of the day were career
development workshops followed by lunch. Post lunch there were talks by postdocs
followed by poster session and reception. It was mainly sponsored by Dean Will
Talbot’s office and VPGE. Plan is to organize it again this year. Both Bradley and
Saumyaa will step down from co-chair position. We need to find new co-chairs and
re-build the committee.
Roberta asked if the plan was to alternate between Bay Area Postdoc Symposium for
one year and Stanford Symposium for another.
Sharon responded that since BAPS is happening at a farther location at Buck
Institute and since participation of Stanford postdocs there will be limited both
because of distance and space limitation, it will not be a stretch to organize Stanford
symposium as well within the same. In addition Stanford mainly committed for
some volunteer support. No monetary support is being provided to BAPS by
Teaching and Outreach committee: Katharine
Most of the teaching, pedagogy things have been taken up by OPA. They arranged
for a collaborative teaching project in Mexico. They regularly organize Cal Academy
nightlife events. Undergraduate postdoc mentorship program initiated by Abby can
be added onto committee’s
Upcoming events:
HH on Mon, May1st – Virginie is organizing it
Wellness Fair- May24th, 4.30-6.30pm. Organized in association with OPA. We are
hosting the drinks and icecream.
Bay Area Postdoc Symposium – June10th. Focus in on science communication.
Postdocs will get an opportunity to communicate their science to a broad audience.
Nominations are open for co-chairs:
Elections are due for new co-chairs next month.
Francesca has nominated Roberta for co-chair position
Roberta has nominated Abby Sarkar for co-chair position
New Leadership team election will happen the month after.
Meeting called to closure by co-chairs Jesse and Sharon at 1:00pm