December 2017

Council Meeting Minutes

Stanford Postdoctoral Association

Dec 13th, 2017, 11.30-1:00pm

Clark Center, S362



Council members: Anand Rao, Sharon Greenblum, Saumyaa, Virginie Gabel, Gina Bouchard, Ioana Marin, Bradley Tolar, Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Deb Kahrson, Catherine, Meng-Meng-Fu, Matthew Gebbie, Roberta Sala, Arnaud Bruyas, Dilip Thomas, Christian La, John Hegarty

Others: Did not manage to get an attendance sheet signed up



  • Meeting called to order by chair, Anand Rao

  • Unanimous approval of Nov 2017 minutes


Vote on bylaw amendments:

Changes to bylaws were unanimously approved


Nomination of Lise Retailleau for co-chair position:

Lise was nominated over email and her nomination was approved at the meeting. Elections will be held at Jan council meeting.


Update on Faculty Senate meeting (Anand Rao):


Anand updated the group on the proceeding of the Faculty Senate meeting.

  • Faculty shared concerns regarding cost-of-living

  • Several professors expressed objection to the idea of a cohort mentoring model

  • Dr. Merritt Maduke raised the idea of postdocs as a focus for fundraising/development

  • Diversity and inclusion remains a high priority for the University. This could be something to capitalize on.  



Roberta: Were Provost and President present at the faculty senate meeting?

Anand: They participated passively. It was more about discourse for faculty.

Ioana: Faculty was content with the fact that white papers will be written ( regarding long range planning). Our efforts are needed even after we submit the proposal.

Sharon: What about housing? Did we get a sense of where our push should be? Should we focus on getting more data?

Anand: Once grad students vacate campus housing postdocs can take it up. It’s not very clear. But we should push more for housing. We should get the article on housing out, that communications and housing team have been working on.

Jan 24th has been scheduled as a date for meeting with VPGE, Patty Gumport.

Roberta: We can have a concise list ready by then based on the ideas from long range planning proposals.

Meng-Meng-Fu: As per the nature article stating how difficult it is to live in Bay area

Median Salary in Bay area: $110k

Palo Alto household salary ( below poverty line for a family): $88k

We should use channel outside of Stanford to make more impact.

Sharon: There was a recent article by a local politician in Nature, discussing the housing crisis. We should leverage such resources.


Formal discussion was called to an end by Anand Rao by 12.10pm.


Holiday Party celebration