July 2017

Council Meeting Minutes
Stanford Postdoctoral Association
July 26th, 2017, 11.30-1:00pm
Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building, G1161

Council members: Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Sharon Greenblum, John Hegarty, Daniel Joyce, Huy
Ngyuen, Roberta Sala, Saumyaa, Bradley Tolar, Lise Retailleau, Ioana Marin, Arnaud Bruyas,
Anand Rao, Antonio Santos, Sarah Eagleman, Aldo Cordova, Brian Griffiths, Christian La,
Julian Martinez, Edward Lau, Weizhi Zhang, Johana Vega, Maria Haanpaa

Quorum:  Yes, 13 council members
Abby Sarkar Arrived late
 Meeting called to order by co-chairs, Jesse Isaacman-Beck , Sharon Greenblum
 Unanimous approval of June 2017 minutes
Council member elections:
The following postdocs stood for election to SURPAS council- Clarice Aiello, Matthew
Gebbie. They expressed interest in the following initiatives:
 Clarice– She had been involved in graduate student resources to ease friction and
stress. It’s a peer to peer resource to help mediate conflicts. She is interested in
serving some similar role here and help postdocs transition from graduate student
life to postdoc.
 Matthew- He is interested in bringing postdocs together, outside of the lab.
Roberta asked if the candidates have any ideas on how to engage more postdocs in SURPAS
initiatives. Candidates responded that they would like to reach out to more people, maybe
organize coffee chats.

Re-election of old members: Huy Ngyuen, Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Roberta Sala, Bradley Tolar
 Huy: He has served as webmaster for SURPAS for over a year. He was on 2016
postdoc symposium committee. He has contributed in many postdoc initiatives as a
member of leadership team.
 Jesse: He has been co-chair for SURPAS for past 6 months and has a contributed a lot
in that capacity.

 Roberta: She has been on council for a long time. She has served as email
communications in-charge and chaired social/ events committee. She continues to
contribute to council. Lately she has been on the long- Range planning committee
initiative by the Stanford administration.
 Bradley: He has been of council for 2 yrs, served as treasurer for a year and a half. He
also chaired 2016 postdco symposium. He is stepping down from leadership role
but wishes to continue to be on council. He is contributing as 2017 postdoc
symposium committee member.
Matthew, Clarice, Jesse and Bradley: Unanimously elected with all 13 votes in favor
Roberta and Huy: 12 yes, 1 abstain
Leadership Elections:
Elections are being held for the following positions- secretary, social media, advocacy
coordinator, email-communications
Saumyaa (Secretary): She has served in this position for over a year and carry on in this
Daniel (Social media): He hold this position currently and manages social media: FB,
twitter, Instagram. He also started a linkedin page. He feels Stanford is not that great in
keeping track of outgoing postdocs. For that he has started a linkendin page to keep
everyone connected. He is happy to continue in this position.
Iona (Advocacy coordinator): She is stepping down from webmaster position. During her 1
month on council as webmaster, she got to learn more about the advocacy initiatives of
SURPAS and would like to contribute as advocacy co-ordinator. She wants to focus on
diversity initiatives.
Sharon (E-mail communications): She is stepping down from co-chair position and thinks
taking over communications role would be a good fit. She has been filling in in this capacity
for Jorik in his absence. She can smoothly transition into this role and can work on
improving the communication channel.
The two newly elected council member can also vote now. So now we have 15 votes.
All 4 leadership position were elected unanimously with all 15 votes in favor.
Sports committee update (John Hegarty):
Hike are very popular and postdoc community wants them to be more consistent and
frequent. But for that more help is needed to organize them. To organize some of the bigger
events, e.g, there was a recent kayak trip in half moon bay, the major constraint is money.
At present the sports committee is budgeted at $50/month. One new addition is the soccer
pickup games. They have been going well, but to do them more frequently and consistently
we need more help in organization.

One question raised was if the hikes are kid friendly. John responded that a lot of
information about altitude, terrain etc. are posted. Parents are welcome to decide based on
that, if the hike is suitable for their kids.
John is proposing a budget increase for sports committee to $100/month
Increase in budget was approved unanimously by a raise of hands.
Long Range Planning- brief update (Roberta):
Around 2300 submissions were received. Each committee is divided into different reading
groups. All these reading groups will then gather together. More updates can be provided
at the next meeting.
By-law revision committee:
Following council members volunteered to be on the bylaw revision committee: Bradley,
Roberta, Lise, Iona, Matthew, Anand
Bradley volunteered to chair the committee.

NPAW: Sep18-22 nd
Events hosted last year during the NPAW were shared with the council. After that we broke
up into smaller groups of 2-3 and brainstormed for event ideas.
These were the ides:
 Group bike ride
 Sports tournament (basketball/pingpong/Frisbee/kickball/soccer)
 Yoga
 Postdoc Fun Run (with afterparty)
 Massages
 Meditation session (with $$ sponsorship for attendance numbers?)
 All-day open climbing wall
 Fitness challenge, ie crossfit-esque events
 Sunset hike (with dogs?)
 Postdoc appreciation breakfast/dinner hosted by faculty
 Speech/toast by Patti Gumport or President
 Pet-A- PI
 PI-DunkTank
 Event with rep from Natl Postdoc Assn
 Happy hour(s)!
 Coffee chats across campus, every day

 Ice cream socials
 Juice Bar
 Arillaga “swim-in” movie and pool party
 Stanford football tailgate
 Pet-a- dog/cat/other
 Lawn games/facepainting/bouncyhouse for kids
 Dance party
 PostdocPotluck
 Treasure hunt
 Free SURPAS/Postdoc T-shirt give-aways
 Free shuttle for VA/SLAC postdocs to on-campus and off-campus events
 Free childcare during events/all week
 Raffle for free prizes at BBQ
 Gift-cards
 Career Fair
 Workshop/educational event
 Lightning appts or coffee cart with career center staff
 Free professional headshots
These ideas can be discussed further among the leadership and we can decide which events
we will host this year.
Meeting was called to closure at 1pm by the co-chairs Jesse and Sharon