June 2017

Council Meeting Minutes
Stanford Postdoctoral Association
June 28th, 2017, 11.30-1:00pm
Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Building, G1002

Council members: Jesse Isaacman-Beck, Sharon Greenblum, Virginie Gabel, Roberta Sala,
Arnaud Bruyas, Gina Bouchard, Joanna Przybyl, John Hegarty, Jorik Vande Groep, Meng-
Meng Fu, Bojk Berghuis, Katie Grabek, Tristan Lerbs, Sara Bolin, Bradley Tolar, Abby
(Absent Council members: Saumyaa, ,Christian La, Daniel Joyce, Fabio Zanini, Huy Nguyen,
Lise Retailleau, Marc Ferro)

Quorum:  Yes, 16 council members
 Meeting called to order by co-chairs, Jesse Isaacman-Beck , Sharon Greenblum
 Unanimous approval of May 2017 minutes
Council member elections:
The following postdocs stood for election to SURPAS council- Anand Rao, Ioana Marin
They expressed interest in the following intiatives:
Anand – wants to better define the role of postdocs at Stanford and at a national level, and
wants to fight for better postdoc benefits
Ioana- also wants to clarify the postdoc role, and wants to actively find ways to promote
diversity. She would be interested in the idea of forming a SURPAS committee around
diversity initiatives
Election results: 16 yes for both Anand and Ioana. Congrats!
Motion to elect one co-chair at a time
Jesse brought up the fact that elections for co-chair are past due, and currently there is only one
nominee. He asked the council their opinion on electing just one co-chair until another candidate
is nominated. Sarah asked what we will do if no one else comes forward, and Sharon and Jesse
agreed they would be forming a contingency plan for that, but that we would have to decide at
this meeting what to do about the existing nominee. Roberta asked what the alternative would
be, and Jesse answered that we could wait a month or potentially more to hold the elections, but
there was no guarantee that the situation would be different. Anand put in another plug for
Virginie to run for co-chair, but she was not ready to do so at this meeting. In the end, it was put
to a vote, and the motion to elect one co-chair was unanimously approved by a show of hands.
Leadership Elections:

The following postdoc stood for elections to leadership positions:
Co-chair: Anand
Anand’s goals as co-chair would be to increase SURPAS publicity, make sure our email
channels are working as efficiently as they can, and find other ways to spread the word about
SURPAS activities and advocacy efforts. He also would like to make sure SURPAS works as a
team, and likes the idea of a flat hierarchy where decisions are made as a group as much as
Treasurer – Gina
Gina is enthusiastic in general about taking on a leadership role in SURPAS. She is especially
interested in housing and childcare, and while she is taking on the responsibilities of treasurer,
would be an active member of the leadership team in all regards.
Events Coordinator – Virginie
Virginie has enjoyed her term as events coordinator so far and is eager to continue. Sharon
asked whether there was anything she would like to work on improving over the next year, and
Virginie said she would like to get out earlier notifications about events, have a few bigger
events. Arsenii suggested that a google calendar of SURPAS events should be available for all
postdocs to sync with their personal google calendar.
Webmaster – Ioana
Ioana just joined council and is excited about taking on a leadership role to get more familiar
with SURPAS. She has previous website experience, and admitted that she finds parts of the
SURPAS website confusing, and would like to work on making it more intuitive.
Election Results: Ioana and Virginie were elected with 16 yes votes, and Anand and Gina
were elected with 15 yes votes and 1 abstention
Presentation of Housing and Transportation survey results
Arnaud presented the results of the survey SURPAS conducted last month about Housing
and Transportation. We had a decent response rate given the short amount of time the
survey was open, and respondents were mostly representative of the general postdoc
community, although fewer postdocs with families responded. He pointed out that
postdocs live all over the Bay Area, some very far away. Meng-meng asked if we could
break down location by family status – we have that info. Other notable points were that
international postdocs on average take >2 weeks to find housing upon arrival at Stanford,
and that there are a significant number of postdocs with families whose total household
salary is around the level of a single postdoc salary. These survey results were presented
to Sofie in OPA, and to attendees of the last PACPA meeting, and were quite striking. We
can use these results in long-range planning proposals, and put them on the SURPAS
website, but should think more about how else to publicize them (a Stanford Daily article
was suggested) and follow up for more info.

Events announcements
-SURPAS is subsidizing tickets to a SJ Earthquakes soccer game at Stanford stadium on July
1 st .
-There will be a joint happy hour and ice cream social organized with AWIS, held on the
Dean’s lawn at July 6 th .
Meeting called to closure by co-chairs Jesse and Sharon at 12:15pm
Long term planning
The rest of the time through 1pm was devoted to optional submission of LRP proposals.
There was a short brainstorming session about potential topics for proposals, and then
attendees got in groups of 3-4 to write and submit short proposals. Full proposals could be
submitted through the LRP website, or shorted ideas could be posted to Stanford Lorax.
Each group was asked to submit at least two proposals in any form they chose.