April 2018

SURPAS council meeting

April 26th, 11.30 -1pm

Green Earth Science, Room 365

Meeting Attendees:

Council Members: Bradley Tolar, Kacie Deters, Christian La, Robert Sala, Catherine Tcheandjieu, John Hegarty, Virginie Gabel, Ioana Marin, Mariapaola Siddoli, Lise Retailleau, Sharon Greenblum, Matthew Gebbie, Anand Rao, Jorik VanDe Groep, Daniel Joyce.

Others: Justin Klein, Fatemeh Rassouli, Chuanxun Su, Edward Lan, Aodhan Butler, Eytham Sooibgoi, Andy Tay.

Approval of March council meeting minutes:

March council meeting minutes were approved by Anand, seconded by Sharon.

Discussion on SURPAS budget increase:

We’ve been getting 15k/yr. But that was initiated when we had 1200 postdocs, now we have doubled the number of postdocs. But our budget hasn’t changed. For the past couple years we’ve had a surplus, ie. this year we started with 30k. But this year we’ve done a lot more events (with 2 new committees), so we’ve spent a lot more money.

We’ve proposed a 100% budget increase. We’ve submitted a detailed plan for increased budget use to OPA. They are reviewing it. So far, it’s been well-received. We will follow-up in July/August.

Q (Christian La) : When would the new budget be effective?

A: Next year (this coming fiscal year)

We also asked for bridge funding to get us to next year’s allotment and Sofie said yes.

Q (Roberta): How much do we have? Maybe we could cut down on a few social events to get us through?

A: We are limited our social events to save money

PRISM letter:

We are drafting a letter with impressions of how the PRISM program went this year, with input from PRISM candidates, and from postdocs/ and SURPAS. We will meet with OPA, and they are looking forward to hearing from us.

Q: Is PRISM program still only for School of Medicine?

A: Nope, not anymore!

But SoM has deeper pockets, and therefore can try experimental programs more easily. That’s why lots of things start there. The PRISM program went from 9 candidates during year 1 when it was just SoM, to 26 now in year 2.

SURPAS Structure:

New elections will be held in June for the leadership.

Ioana led a post-it activity:

-Why do you serve, and what do you get?

-What are the struggles?

Leadership Positions:

Descriptions from outgoing leaders:

Virginie, events coordinator:

— point person for all events

— creative social planning

— contact with other universities and administrators

— direct interaction with postdocs

Daniel, social media:

— runs facebook, instagram, linkedin

— doesn’t take much technical skill

— it’s fun, gives you good contacts

— first point of reference for new postdocs

Ioana, advocacy coordinator:

— oversees committees

— diversity and inclusivity activism

— creative ways to promote community

Gina, treasurer:

— manage surpas budget

— lots of say in what org can do

— can propose increases

Sharon, Communications:

— point person for outgoing emails

— runs 2 listserves

— helps with communications committee

Anand, co-chair:

— direct interaction with admin

— running monthly meetings

— ask him for details!

NPA updates:

Anand and Ioana went. It’s our 20th year! We’re one of the largest postdoc association, so there was a lot of interest in learning from us. We should start thinking of poster ideas for next year!

Logo contest:

We will ask the entire postdoc community to submit designs for a new SURPAS logo. The winning design will receive an amazon gift card. More details on the contest will be announced in an email.



● Family festival: Happened this month. 180 attendees! Bouncy house, face painting were big draws. Maybe hold another family event at the end of the year

● Postdoc Prom: It was awesome. Had a great turnout.


● Spring Festival: May 9, need volunteers!

● Bay Area Postdocs: picnic in SF, potentially June 2, and Bay area symposium, potentially Sept 8.

● Sailing trip: June 16, 36 ppl, registration open next week, $40-45/person

● Alumni event: Sept 2018

● SURPAS mini- Research Symposium: Potentially in August 2018

● LA Galaxy vs SJ Earthquakes at Stanford Stadium: June 30th