About Us

The unique challenges of living in the Bay Area can be amplified for those postdocs who have, or plan to have, family. The Family committee was formed to understand those challenges, with an aim to improving the lives of postdocs with dependents.

Why It Matters?

Having a family and a successful research career is difficult, but not impossible. This group ensures that the needs of postdocs with families are represented at SURPAS. The committee underpins a renewed drive by SURPAS to advocate for families to the university administration, to increase inclusivity at SURPAS events by hosting more family-friendly activities, and to raise awareness of resources available to members with family.

What are We Working on?

  • Comprehensive surveying to quantify and understand the met and unmet needs of postdocs with families
  • Work with university administration to anticipate and counteract hardships that may disproportionately affect postdocs with families
  • Strengthen sense of community amongst postdocs with children, including the formation of childcare, play, and petcare groups 
  • Further develop events that are suitable for postdocs and their children to increase SURPAS inclusivity

SURPAS Family Committee

Chair: Sarah Eagleman

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