Stanford Postdoctoral Initiative Fund (SPIF)

About SPIF

SPIF was created to recognize and support project proposals from within the Stanford postdoc community in an effort to encourage and enrich postdoc experiences. We have a proven record of backing projects from inception onwards and watching them grow. Since 2010, SPIF has successfully funded diverse projects including multi-disciplinary journal clubs, seminar series, social gatherings, professional development workshops and so on.

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SPIF-funded groups

We're proud to have funded the diverse set of groups and events below over the past years. All of the groups we fund are open to all Stanford Postdocs and designed for the benefit the Stanford Postdoctoral Community. We're always looking to fund new initiatives, so if you have an idea then please do submit a letter of intent using the form above.


  • OBR Launch Event - Opportunities and Volatility of Biotech Startups

  • Mindfullness Mediation Workshop for Postdoc Fellows

  • VA postdoc group

  • CPUs: Computational People United at Stanford

  • LGBTQ Group for Stanford Postdocs

  • International Security and Cooperation Movie Series

  • VA postdoc BBQ event

  • EBAE (neurophysiology discussion group)

  • Stanford Symposium on the Biology of Hunter-Gatherers

  • Stanford Biotechnology Business and Finance Group

  • Postdoc Tennis Tournament


2010 / 2011


  • Stanford Polymer Collective Lunch-and-Learn

  • Academic Careers in Europe (ACE)

  • Postdoc soccer

  • Postdoc volley ball

  • Postdoc basket ball

  • Seminars from Korean postdocs (KOLIS)


  • ACSSS Presentation Workshop I

  • ACSSS Presentation Workshop II

  • ACSSS Presentation Workshop III

  • Postdoc soccer

  • Postdoc volley ball

  • Postdoc basket ball


  • Stanford Biosciences Grant Writing Retreat

  • Interdisciplinary Microbiome Perspectives

  • Weekly Post-Doc soccer pick-up (ongoing) | every Friday 5:00pm at Sand Hill Field

  • E-wear trainee journal club

  • E-wear student symposium


  • Autophagy Interest Group

  • Stanford Bitoech Group

  • VA Postdoc BBQ event

  • Computational People United career day

  • Microbiome/Population-Genetics Cross-Disciplinary Journal Club


  • GoFish! - Discussion group for Zebrafish research

  • Stanford Autophagy Interest Group

  • Mindfulness mediation workshop for postdoctoral fellows

  • Stanford Biotechnology Business and Finance Group (SBBFG)

  • VA Postdoc BBQ



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Apply for funding

We're always keen to hear of new initiatives from the Stanford Postdoctoral community. If you have an idea for a project just complete the forms below

New proposals

Not quite sure whether your proposal is suitable? Submit a Letter of Intent first! The SPIF committee will review your idea before going to the full application.

You can also skip the above process and directly submit a full proposal:

We review all submitted proposals and consider all letters of intent. Proposals are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Does the proposal fill a need/gap in the Postdoctoral experience at Stanford?

  • Does the proposal attract a general Postdoc group?

  • Does the proposal fit the budget of SPIF?

If you've submitted a proposal or letter of intent we will be in contact with you to discuss the proposal. We may ask for adjustments prior to acceptance, but will work with you to help alter your proposal.


Reimbursement procedure

Funded groups can follow the refund procedure described here. The required reimbursement form can be found here.

Note: All the required documents detailed in the refund procedure must be emailed to the SURPA treasurer (and cc'd to SPIF) within 5 days of the event to ensure the 10-day time limit is met, or else you may forfeit your reimbursement. Please also note that funding restrictions, if any, stipulated at the time of the award will be applied during the reimbursement process.


Renewal procedure

If you are seeking renewal of funding, you must first complete the follow-up questionnaire below for your previous round of funding before consideration of the new application. Once completed, the SPIF team will then be in touch to discuss the renewal process with you.

SPIF committee members and Chairs (Present or past)

Committee Members

John Hegarty (2017-2020)

Ioana Marin (2017-2020)

Daniel Joyce (2017-2020)

Edgar Rios Piedra (2018-2020)

Christian La (2016-2019)

Ives Levesque (2010 - 2012)

Viswanathan Rajagopalan (2011 - 2012)

Irfan Ali-Khan (2011)

Kevin McIntire (2010 - 2012)

Heather Kulik (2011 - 2012)

Min Song (2012)

Santosh Kumar Gupta (2012)

Pam Ng (2012)

Tatsinda Spears (2012)

Eldi Schonfeld Dado (2012)

Alexandra Esteras Chopo (2012)

Yoan Konto (2012)

Nancy Rodriguez (2012)

Lewis John McGibbney

Sylvia Nurnberg

Jun Yan

Katie Martucci

Kelly Storek

Committee Chairs

2020 Edgar A. Rios Piedra

2019 Edgar A. Rios Piedra

2018 Edgar A. Rios Piedra

2017 Christian La

2016 Christian La

2015 Christian La

2014 Jun Yan

2013 Jun Yan

2012 Ives Levesque

2011 Ives Levesque

2010 Ives Levesque

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Contact us

If you have an idea that will enrich the postdoctoral experience at Stanford then SPIF may be able to help. We'd love to hear your ideas, whatever stage they're at. Just get in touch using the letter of intent form above.

If you're a current Stanford postdoc and interested in joining the SPIF team, or for all other enquires, you can use the form below to contact us:

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Department, School