About Us

The Sports and Social committee is focused on improving the well-being of Stanford postdocs by offering extra-curricular activities and events for postdocs and their families. We try to provide opportunities to build the Stanford postdoc community, whether it is helping new-comers by organizing social events with current and former postdocs or helping lab rats get out of the office with regular hikes around the Bay Area. Our goal is to provide a break from the stress of academia and bring fellows together to share ideas over a coffee, a beer or a walk through the woods, just to name a few.

Why It Matters?

  • It is easier for postdocs to find the information that they need (especially new-comers) from other postdocs that have been through it already. It’s always nice to have advice from your colleagues.

  • Through our events, we try to collect information about postdocs needs to make sure we are advocating for the most important issues.

  • Postdocs are working hard! Everyone needs a break every once and a while.

What are We Working on?

  • New hikes every month!

  • New coffee breaks and happy hour events every month!

  • Tailgate events, BBQs, soccer games, museum visits, etc…

  • New activities? Our events are changing each year based on what the postdoc community wants and needs. You could help us figure out where to go next--Get in touch with us.

How Can You Get Involved?

Contrary to other SURPAS committees, we don’t need people constantly involved in this committee (i.e., your time commitment could be limited to a single event). Most of the events will be organized by the chairs; however, sometimes we need postdoc volunteers to lend a hand. We are currently compiling a list of postdocs that are willing to help out from time to time and that we can contact when needed for specific events.  And of course, we will be happy to discuss any new ideas that you would like to share with us.

Recurrent Sports Events:

  • Running club (every Tuesday at 6pm)

  • Volleyball meet-up (every Saturday and Wednesday)

  • Soccer meet-up (once or twice a week, depending on weather)

  • Monthly hikes

Dates and locations may vary but do not hesitate to ask us to add you to the mailing lists.

SURPAS Sports and Social Committee

Sports Events Co-Chairs: Bruno Barros Queliconi

Social Events Co-Chairs: Arianna Luna