Yoga Nightlife

On October 20, 2016

SURPAS Teaching & Outreach committee with members Nicholas Karayannis, Tiffany Asp, Daniel Bissell, Heather Poupore-King, Valerie Wai Yee Jackson, Marissa Heirich, Brandon MacIsaac, Corinne Cooley volunteered at Nightlife @ Cal Academy for Yoga Night.

Dr. Karayannis from Department of Anesthesiology and colleagues from Systems Neuroscience and Pain Lab designed a demo on the Science of Rehabilitation: Therapeutic Approaches to Pain and Movement.  The demo explored the science of how exercise can help the brain and body grow stronger.

The demo crew assisted museum visitors (1) to perform a series of key functional movement tests that analyzed their physical performance, (2) to engage in a guided movement practice in Yoga and Tai Chi, and (3) demystified common misconceptions about exercise.